Electronic Jazz – Atmospheric Beat Music – Experimental Jazz-Funk are all uncertain terms used to describe what Jellastica does . They do in fact make free expansive music that straddles the line between ’70s Afro Soul-Jazz, Moody experimental Electronica infused with displaced J.Dilla beats , along with spoken word and compelling visuals . Spiraling improvisations punctuate the hypnotic grooves that suggest Miles Davis`s Live jazz funk experiments of the early 70`s but with the modern 2020 twists of exotic percussion , analog synthesizers, sprawling bass loops and effected speech .

Jellastica is Ian Da Souza – Bass , Spoken word and pedals , Seamus Evley – Drums and Percussion and Rich Pell – Guitar synth and Guitar w/ pedals


Chris Cawthray’s “ecstatic acoustic” trio welcomes singer/guitarist Jon Brooks for a new  project to debut at the 2019 416 Festival. “What we are planning is a cross-pollination, as opposed to a collaboration.”, says  Cawthray, “We want to see where our musics intersect, and use improvisation as the conduit. With any luck, an entirely new music will appear in the process.” 

Formed in 2017 by drummer Chris Cawthray, LIGHT INDUSTRY calls what they do “ecstatic  jazz”. It’s visceral, full of improvisation and grounded by a deep grooving rhythm section.  Freewheeling flights of swinging jazz are contrasted by gutbucket funk, or a bittersweet  folk ballad; the band plays stages of all kinds for diverse audiences, relying on their  certainty that deep music played with soul connects with everyone.

JON BROOKS is one of Canada’s most celebrated contemporary singer/songwriters, “Brooks  stands among an exalted few in the enduring Canadian song tradition – Leonard Cohen, Joni  Mitchell, Neil Young, Fred Eaglesmith, Bruce Cockburn – as a lyricist, composer and  performer with a fierce commitment to his craft and his vision.” – Greg Quill, The Toronto

Chris Cawthray: drums, vocals, leader
Andrew Furlong: acoustic bass
Sens O’Connor: tenor saxophone, percussion

Instagram: @lightindustryband
Facebook: @lightindustryband

HA!Man (South Africa – solo)
Francois le Roux, known as the HA!Man for his spontaneous music-making, is a one-man  musical phenomenon travelling globally to share his gift for improvisation, making use of  original and layered accompaniments to improvise on, in styles that spans the classical,  world-music and popular genres. For more than two decades on the road, he constantly finds  new inspiration in the people and places he encounters, giving ever-evolving performances  that never ceases to surprise, energize and inspire young and old. For more visit

Diane Roblin/Bruce Cassidy/Bill McBirnie

Cassidy/McBirnie/Roblin…..three accomplished improvising musicians come together to explore  the creative idea of composing and communicating across the ensemble in real time. High  energy music from the heart and soulful sounds….Bruce Cassidy – Electric Valve Instrument (EVI), Bill McBirnie (flute) and Diane Roblin (keyboards).

The Side Eye

The Side Eye is a Toronto based high energetic improvised music group with Michael Lynn on  bass, Kayla Milmine on saxophone, and MJ Wright on drums and trash that is best described  in a review by of their new album “Brocken Telephone: The trio  “hops from jazz to noise in a chaotic session where the leading voice role rotates between  the players, like many trains of thought racing, alternatively in front and behind one  another. It’s quite and exhilarating recording that builds up quite slowly but reaches  stupendous heights”

New Compositions by Brian Abbott

Brian Abbott is a New Jersey native, Toronto-based guitarist and composer. This evening he  will premiere two new works, “Owl on a Bare Tree”, for harp and shamisen and “Seven Dream  Inventions for Raymond Roussel” for alto sax, flute, and percussion. There will also be  live conducted improvisation using the Soundpainting language. The music will be played by  four excellent musicians: Aki Takahashi, Kristen Moss Theriault, Rick Sacks, and Bea  Labikova.

Tania Gill/Ryan Driver  Monk Duo
Tania Gill is a Toronto-based pianist and composer, whose works mostly within jazz and improvised music, but also other genres, across Canada and beyond.  “All aboard for first-class and fanciful Toronto pianist!” (Globe and Mail). She leads the Tania Gill Quartet with Lina Allemano (trumpet), Nico Dann (drums) and Rob Clutton (bass). Her record Bolger Station was nominated for best debut album in the Village Voice Jazz Critics’ Poll, and was disc of the week in the The Globe and Mail. Tania is a member of The Brodie West Quintet, The Titillators, Rebecca’s Hennessy’s  Makeshift Island, FOG Brass Band, The Woodshed Orchestra and St. Dirt Elementary School; and is a past member of The Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band and Deep Dark United among many other projects. She has performed with Steve Reich, Anthony Braxton and Fides Krucker among many others. Tania teaches at her house and Humber College.
Ryan Driver is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist based in Toronto, Canada. He performs frequently in and around that city and tours internationally sometimes. Notable appearances have included Hijiori International Music Festival in Yamagata Prefecture, Japan; Angelica Festival of New Music in Bologna, Italy; Heartland Festival in Vevey, Switzerland; Canadian Blast at Trafalgar Square and the Barbican in London, England; Bergenfest in Bergen, Norway; and Tanned Tin Festival in Castellon, Spain. Besides his own projects, Ryan has sung and/or played piano, flute, analogue synthesizer, guitar, melodica, and/or his simple homemade instruments (thumb-reeds and streetsweeper bristle bass) with frequent collaborators Eric Chenaux, Sandro Perri, Jennifer Castle, Alex Lukashevsky, Doug Tielli, Nick Fraser, Rob Clutton, Lina Allemano, Thom Gill, Brodie West, Michael Davidson, Martin Arnold, and many, many others. Ryan’s recorded output is available mainly through Rat-drifting, Barnyard Records, Fire Records, and Tin Angel Records.