2017 Program

416-2017 Program

All performances start at 10 pm, sets on the hour, onstage Friday in the Southern Cross Room, Saturday in the Tiki Room,  at The Tranzac Club, 292 Brunswick Avenue.

Friday. November 10

10 Light Industry PLUS – Chris Cawthray: drums, percussion, Glen Hall: tenor saxophone, Liam Smith: bass, + Celina Carroll: percussion, Chip Yarwood: strings, flute, percussion

11 John Kameel Farah – harpsichord

12 Toronto Improvisers Orchestra – conducted by Kayla Milmine

Saturday, November 11

10 Unknown Guitar Quartet – featuring Brian Abbott, Patrick O’Reilly, Luan Phung, and Rob Grieve

11 Kayla Milmine

12 Novosedlikova/Suchankova/Labikova/Roter/Sacks Sisa Suchankova (flute) Lenka Novosedlikova (marimba), Bea Labikova (woodwinds), Raphael Roter (drums) and Rick Sacks (marimba)