2014 Performers

416-2014 Performers

The Birth of Troubling Forms

imageThough nameless at the time, “The Birth of Troubling Forms” is an improvising quartet first formed in October 2013 to improvise the soundtrack to the Carl Theodor Dreyer’s 1932 masterpiece of horror “Vampyr”. The mix of the improvising aesthetics of Alan Bloor (reverb-washed violin and metal), Branko Dzinovic (utilizing the full musical spectrum of the accordion), Ambrose Pottie (thoughtful articulated vibrating percussion mixed with feedback) and Michael Lynn (dynamic sounds ripped from the upright bass) provided a fully collaborative intense improvisation that took the listener on a dark journey echoing the aesthetics of Carl Theodor’s vision. Since then the group has continued to work and grow, developing this sound and utilizing their collective experience in improvised music to create unified spontaneous compositions.

Here’s the link to a show BTF did at ArraySpace.

Video of BTF playing at Musideum. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=M3ysn3EflJU


Band Photo CA3 c&rCA3 is the collaborative effort of four Canadian musicians of varying styles. The group was established in the summer of 2014 when the quartet got together to record music at a downtown Toronto studio. As the music is not written out, many of the original recordings were played while the musicians watched various soundless scenes from movies, in order to set a constant emotion to strive towards.

All members are influenced by different traditions of contemporary and free music derived from their various backgrounds, and this is something that can be heard and felt while listening to CA3.

Alec Brady – Computer/Synthesizers
Aubrey McGhee – Sax/Effects
Pavan Brar – Electric Guitar/Effects
Noah Sherman – Drums/Sounds


SonoRaSonoRa is an improvising chamber quartet.  Modern composers work hard to write the kind of music SonoRa creates spontaneously, in real time.  Glen Hall (woodwinds, Kyma X, electroacoustic sound) gathered virtuoso improvisers Parmela Attariwala (violin), Nicole Rampersaud (trumpet) and Kye Marshall (cello, effects) because of their understanding of sound, texture, dynamics, rhythm and form.  But it is their collective intuition that informs, directs and empowers their kaleidoscopic range of expression.  SonoRa’s music sounds ‘necessary’, like it should be exactly as it is. But the slightest nuance from any one of the four will send them into the unexpected.  Acoustic and electroacoustic sounds interpenetrate, reflect and refract each other in ways that mirror the inner and outer dimensions of improvising and improvised composition.

Kyle Brenders Ensemble

kyle_portraitThis big band will explored the music of it’s namesake, Kyle Brenders. Plaintively taking apart and putting together of arrangements of Brenders’ small ensemble compositions.Â

Kyle Brenders’ Big Band is:
Jeff Larochelle alto sax
Allison Au alto sax
Ben Dietschi tenor sax
Kyle Brenders tenor sax
Peter Lutek baritone sax
Rebecca Hennessy trumpet
Nicole rampersaud trumpet
Tara Kannangara trumpet
Tom Richards trombone
Jill Richards trombone
Steve WardBass trombone
Scott Peterson bass
Dan Morphy vibraphone
Adam Campbell drums
Chris Pruden piano

Fraser/Clutton/West Trio

Fraser_Clutton_WestNick Fraser: drums
Rob Clutton: bass
Brodie West: alto saxophone

Original compositions and improvisations.

Brodie West:
“It’s been a while since Canada has heard free jazz sax this good.” -weirdcanada.com

Rob Clutton:
“A man I suspect of being the finest musician in Toronto” -Carl Wilson, The Globe and Mail

Nick Fraser:
“a national treasure” -Glen Hall, exclaim.ca

Toronto Improvisors Orchestra

TIOThe Toronto Improvisors Orchestra was formed in 2010 by Eugene Martynec to explore improvised music played by a large group of musicians. It uses a simplified version of hand signals made popular by Butch Morris. These hand signals are used by many large improvising ensembles in Europe and North America. Computers, synthesizers, found and invented instruments, strings, brass, percussion, sound singers and vocalists have all found their way into performances. The size of the ensemble varies but there is a core group as a foundation. The Orchestra is open to and welcomes any skilled improvisor.

Colin Fisher/Mike Gennaro

a0130407926_2Both Mike Gennaro and Colin Fisher have been involved in the Toronto music scene for decades and only just recently have paired up as a Drums-Sax duo.  The results have been a fiery but highly sensitive exchange of two highly dedicated players pursuing the limits of technique and expression.

Element Choir

ElementThe Element Choir draws singers from a broad spectrum of styles, from concert sopranos to singer songwriters to sound poets to Japanese folk singers, composers and musicians. Thanks to a Canada Council Arts (study, research) Grant, Christine has had workshops/concerts with over 180 different singers in the past 2 years, further developing her technique for conduction and choir improvising. Christine Duncan and the Element choir have developed quite a language of sound to draw from for improvisation. This is a group that works with both structured and non-structured elements, based primarily on a system of conduction cues. As an ensemble they explore textural and timbral sound qualities, soundscapes, rhythmic patterns, sound poetry,  musical genre interplay and extended voice techniques. This cinematic approach to group vocalizing presents both tonal and non-tonal material in a constantly evolving and ‘in the moment’ sonic environment. Through various conduction cues and signals Christine has developed, she’s able to convey great emotion and drama through sound and vocal energy.

King Weather

Array by Claire HarveyKING WEATHER is the combined musical effort of talented trombonist Steve Ward (Pick A Piper, Lone Bone) and the inimitable percussionist D. Alex Meeks (Hooded Fang, Holiday Rambler). The result is a sweeping, entrancing ocean of looped, electronically manipulated brass and crackling improvised drumming. Music for the avid mind traveler.

As Lightning purifies the Air, so must Electricity purify the Blood.