2012 Program

All performances take place at
Tranzac Club
292 Brunswick (just south of Bloor)

Wednesday, Nov. 7

9:30 pm
Fern Lindzon 3 – Fern Lindzon (piano, melodica, vocals), Heather Segger, (trombone), and Mark Segger, (percussion)

10:30 pm
¡DO! Chris Cawthray, (drums) and Simeon Abbott, (organ)

11:30 pm
Vespaziani/Bull – Arthur Bull, (guitar and chromatich), Bob Vespaziani, (WAVEDRUM and percussion), with special guest Tena Palmer, (voice)

Thursday, November 8

9:30 pm
Build To Suit – Arnd Jurgensen, guitar, Guy LeBlanc, trombone and noisemakers, Bob Vespaziani, percussion, Jim Bailey, electronics, Matthew Poulakakis, guitar, and Alan Bloor, violin

10:30 pm
Peebles/Fisher – Sarah Peebles, sho, Colin Fischer, ghuzheng and guitar

11:30 pm
Emilio Guim’s Lullaby North – Emilio Guim – guitar, Chris Adriaanse – acoustic bass, Dylan Hillyer – vocals and electro-acoustics, Tim Monis – drums

Friday, November 9

10 pm
CCMC – Michael Snow (piano and synthesizer), John Oswald (alto sax), Paul Dutton (soundsinging and harmonica), and John Kamevaar (percussion and electronics)

11 pm
Brodie West – alto saxophone

12 am
Hall/Story/Tewari – featuring Glen Hall (saxophones/flutes), David Story (piano) and Rakesh Tewari (drums)

Saturday, November 10

10 pm
Cybernetic Orchestra (McMaster U) – David Ogben and others with laptops

11 pm
Edges– Allison Cameron, electronics/banjo, Joe Sorbara, drums/percussion, Sandro Manzon, piano, Kathryn Ladano, bass clarinet

12 am
Toronto Improvisers Orchestra – started by Eugene Martyniuk, lead by Ambrose Pottie, the performers will be some, or all of the following:
Andrew Boniwell: piano
Rod Campbell: trumpet
Allison Cameron: electronics/curio
Jim Johnston: electric guitar
Arnd Jurgensen: electric guitar
Ryan Kinney: classical guitar
Fern Lindzon: voice and piano
Michael Lynn: bass
Cheryl O: cello
Ambrose Pottie: percussion & honeytone
Janice Seagrove: flute
David Story: keyboards