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416-2012 Performers Gallery

Brodie West

Brodie WestAlto saxophonist, composer and bandleader Brodie West is well known for his activities on Toronto’s experimental jazz scene. He leads his own bands, Eucalyptus and Legends of Jazz Piano, and is also a member of Drumheller, The Ryan Driver Quintet and The Lina Allemano 4. West collaborates off and on with a number of Toronto improvising musicians, including Eric Chenaux, Ryan Driver, Nicole Rampersaud, Rob Clutton and Anthony Michelli and performs on occasion with experimental pop project Tenderness. Over the past 10 years West has spent a great deal of time in Amsterdam where he studied with the celebrated composer Misha Mengelberg, and has played often with legendary Dutch drummer Han Bennink. West has toured extensively throughout Europe as well as Ethiopia, The USA and Canada with punk improvisers The Ex in a special project featuring Ethiopian saxophonist Getatchew Mekuria.

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Build To Suit

Build to SuitBuild to Suit is a sextet formed in 2010 consisting of Arnd Jurgensen – guitar, Guy LeBlanc – trombone and noisemakers, Bob Vespaziani – percussion, Jim Bailey – electronics, Matthew Poulakakis – guitar, and Alan Bloor- violin. Musical styles can range from free-form noise jams to more atmospheric ambient soundscapes.

Build to Suit@ST_April24_2012_for416festival


Canada’s pioneering free improvisation band, with roots in the 1970s, CCMC today consists of Michael Snow (piano and synthesizer), John Oswald (alto sax), Paul Dutton (soundsinging and harmonica), and John Kamevaar (percussion and electronics). Committed to exploration and innovation, the quartet draws on a broad range of musical styles but conforms to none. Process takes precedence and form evolves organically in a shifting tapestry of textures and timbres, with dense layerings set off by moments of meditative calm, with idiom-tinted strains transmuting into passages of raucous cacophony.

CCMC Mar. 11 2012(Extract)

Cybernetic Orchestra (McMaster U)

David Ogborn and others.

The Cybernetic Orchestra is McMaster University’s laptop orchestra, now entering its fourth season of activity. Open to the entire community, the group emphasizes improvisation, live coding and networked synchronization and sharing. The orchestra has performed in Hamilton, Montr?l and Toronto ヨ at TEDx conferences, at new music festivals, and myriad other events, alongside a growing roster of artistic friends and collaborators. The orchestra’s debut album “esp.beat” was released at Hamilton’s April 2012 art crawl, and can be heard online at www.soundcloud.com/cyberneticOrchestra/sets/esp-beat.

More information at esp.mcmaster.ca.”


A funky drums and organ duo featuring Chris Cawthray (drums) and Simeon Abbott (organ), delivering an “organ”ic mix of surf, reggae, roots music and jazz improvisation. Funky breakdowns and jam madness from the church basement to the roller rink, ¡DO! does it for you!


Formed in 2011 for their premiere performance at the Guelph Jazz Festival, Edges is a music ensemble that specializes in new and experimental music. Edges explores unconventional or non-traditional Western notation systems. With some of the most active and creative musicians in the area, Edges is a growing collective of composers, performers, and improvisers who are all heavily involved in making and performing new music. Edges is Joe Sorbara, Allison Cameron, Jerry Pergolesi, Kathryn Ladano and Sandro Manzon. The ensemble has worked with other musicians and has performed music by composers like Christian Wolff, Ann Southam, Morton Feldman, Peter Wiegold, Allison Cameron and many others.


Emilio Guim’s Lullaby North

Lullaby NorthBased in Toronto, Lullaby North has amassed a loyal following in a short period of time, attracting substantial crowds at legendary venues across the city with their fresh sound and explosive live shows. Adhering to the highest standards of musicianship, Lullaby North blends jazz, world rhythms and free improvisation with elements of rock, funk and spoken word. Their live shows feature original, sometimes humorous compositions alongside arrangements of classic songs by artists like Björk and Radiohead. With influences that range from Medeski, Martin & Wood to John Scofield to Maria Schneider Orchestra, their sound is utterly unique and accessible to listeners of all genres.

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Fern Lindzon 3

Fern LindzonTout Suite.

A suite of compositions and spontaneous interruptions by Fern
Lindzon, Heather Segger and Mark Segger


Hall/Story/ThewariA new trio featuring Glen Hall (saxophones/flutes), David Story (piano) and Rakesh Tewari (drums) focuses on melody-centred, rhythmic free jazz. The group’s repertoire includes compositions by Hall, early pieces by renown free jazz composers Carla Bley and Annette Peacock, as well as spontaneously composed pieces created on the spot in real time. The group’s leader, Glen Hall is known internationally for his recordings and performances with respected artists composer/arranger Gil Evans, free jazz legends trombonist Roswell Rudd and drummer William Hooker, and Sonic Youth guitarist Lee Ranaldo.



Sarah PeeblesColin Fisher

Sarah Peebles and Colin Fisher will be improvising for the first time together.

Sarah Peebles is a composer, improviser and installation artist. She has explored distinct approaches to acoustic and processed improvisation on, and compositions for, the shoh – the Japanese mouth-organ used in gagaku (court orchestra music). Often drawing from gagaku, microtonality and psychoacoustics, she studied shoh between 1986 and 1993 in Tokyo at Hatanomori Shrine (Sendagaya), Tokyo Association of Shinto Priests, Sennichidani Kaido and with various individuals. Peebles has performed gagaku and other Japanese traditional musics for Shinto festivals, weddings and other traditional functions, and has performed with Ko Ishikawa, Evan Parker, John Butcher, Nilan Perera, David Toop, and wide variety of musicians, visual artists, story tellers and others. Her practice often involves found sounds as well as installations which explore the lives of native bees and their habitats via “Resonating Bodies” projects. Details and recordings are at sarahpeebles.net.

CBC Music (Sarah Peebles)

Multi-instrumentalist, composer, Colin Fisher is an active voice in the Improvised, Rock, Folk, Experimental and Creative Music Community in North America.

Has been most active with Not the wind not the flag, Elfin Choirs (solo project), Bernice, Bad Breath, Body Help, New Civilization, Prince Enoki Insect Orchestra, – Colin has appeared and collaborated with: Anthony Braxton, Caribou, Jah Youssouf, Rhys Chattam, William Parker, Dominic Duval, Sabir Mateen, Joe Mcphee, Maury Coles, David Daniels, Chris Kelsey, Paul Hession, and many others.

sho solo no7 (Sarah Peebles)

Toronto Improvisers Orchestra

Toronto Improvisers OrchestraThe Toronto Improvisors Orchestra was formed in 2010 by Eugene Martynec to explore improvised music played by a large group of musicians. It uses a simplified version of hand signals made popular by Butch Morris. These hand signals are used by many large improvising ensembles in Europe and North America. Computers, synthesizers, found and invented instruments, strings, brass, percussion, sound singers and vocalists have all found their way into performances. The size of the ensemble varies but there is a core group as a foundation. The Orchestra is open to and welcomes any skilled improvisor.

Lead by Ambrose Pottie, some of the performers for the 2012 416 Toronto Creative Improvisors Festival are:
Andrew Boniwell: piano
Rod Campbell: trumpet
Allison Cameron: electronics/curio
Jim Johnston: electric guitar
Arnd Jurgensen: electric guitar
Ryan Kinney: classical guitar
Fern Lindzon: voice and piano
Michael Lynn: bass
Cheryl O: cello
Ambrose Pottie: percussion & honeytone
Janice Seagrove: flute
David Story: keyboards

Mothers Day


Tena Palmer sings creative music, jazz, roots, new chamber music and and various blends thereof. She also tells stories, sings experimental, Brazilian and Celtic music, plays tin whistle, writes songs and longer works for various ensembles, theatre and film and loves teaching all aspects of singing, songwriting and improvisation.

Arthur Bull is a veteran musician of the improvising music scene. Formerly the guitarist with The Bill Smith Ensemble, Bull has also played with Paul Dutton, David Prentice, Michael Snow, John Oswald and John Heward, and he has performed in concert with Derek Bailey, Roscoe Mitchell and Roger Turner. He is also a poet, with three books published, and a translator from the Chinese. Originally from Ontario, Bull now lives in Sandy Cove, Nova Scotia.

Bob Vespaziani is a Toronto based freelance drummer/percussionist who is very active in both the Blues and Improvisational music scenes. 2011 saw the release of BV’s first solo CD “The Concussionist” on his own SMS (Stage Mom’s Suck!!!) label.