2011 Program

All performances take place at
Tranzac Club
292 Brunswick (just south of Bloor)

Wednesday, Nov. 2


9:30 pm
MiMo – Matt Miller (laptop, electronics), Samuel Morgenstein (percussion, electronics), featuring Rob Piilonen (flute)
Allison Cameron/Stephen Parkinsom
Ghost Eye – Simeon Abbott, Steve Ward, Dan Gaucher, and projectionist Steven Reaume

Thursday, November 3


9:30 pm
Tova Kardonne – Weft – Tova Kardonne, voice, Nick Fraser, drums, Phill Albert, bass
Mike Filice 3 – Mike Filice (woodwind multi instrumentalist), Artie Roth (acoustic bass) Anthony Michelli (drums)
Titanium Trio – Lina Allemano, Nick Fraser, Rob Clutton

Friday, November 4

neither/nor Night

9 pm
Marc Couroux
eldritch Priest
Mark Sherlock

Saturday, November 5


9 pm
So, NU – Bruce Cassidy (trumpet and EVI) Eugene Martynec (MIDIax) Glen Hall (saxophone, flutes, WWII wind controller and Kyma, a graphical language for live, interactive sound generation and manipulation)
Timar/Parsons – Andrew Timar (sulings, kacapi), Bill Parsons (kacapi, travel guitar)
Toronto Improvisers Orchestra – Eugene Martynec and others