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416-2011 Performers Gallery

Allison Cameron

Cameron&Parkinson ->

Ghost Eye

Ghost Eye began as a result of Simeon Abbott, Steve Ward, and Dan Gaucher embracing technological extensions of their usual instruments in order to gently weave through many varieties of electroacoustic and improvised music. Ghost Eye first began performing along with projectionist Steven Reaume (Metatechture, Toronto Laser Services) in December 2009; since then the group has been utilizing an integrated system where spontaneity and interaction drive creation in an augmented reality environment.

Ghost Eye Sampler ->

Mike Filice 3

Since the early days of growing up in Hamilton Ontario, Mike Filice has been crafting his skills as an improviser and a reed specialist. His journey has taken him across the globe and has most recently returned to Canada from over a decade based in New York.

Mike had the great privilege to have played, recorded and studied with such luminaries as Dave Leibman, Domenic Duval (Cecil Taylor), Bunky Green, Jon Ballanntyne among several others.

He continues to hone his skills on all saxophones, flutes, clarinets and miscellaneous wind instruments from around the world. Mike’s approach to music as he describes it is “organized freedom, whether it be standards, original music or music based on a single principal.”

Mike Filice is very excited about playing at the 416 festival and believes that this festival is very important to the creative musical scene in Canada.

He will be joined by Artie Roth on acoustic bass, and Anthony Michelli on drums.

FILICE Flute ->


MiMo featuring Rob Piilonen

MiMo is an electro-acoustic duo featuring multi-instrumentalists Matt Miller (laptop, electronics) and Samuel Morgenstein (percussion, electronics). Their live performances combine stripped down compositions and skeletal arrangements to create wide-open soundscapes for improvisation. This improvisation can take many forms whereby sounds, rhythms and phrases are captured in real-time then deconstructed, manipulated and re-organized. Rob Piilonen is a flute player, composer, and producer who has been active in the Toronto improvising scene since 1996. He has scored music for films and dance projects, works with a number of Toronto’s leaders in the arts, and is a member of the Board of Directors of AIMToronto. He currently leads the chamber-improv ensemble Rob’s Collision.

Bloomfield Birds ->


neither/nor is a Toronto-based experimental music ensemble/collective formed in 2001 by John Mark Sherlock and eldritch Priest. Though the name refers specifically to a loosely knit group of composers and performers, neither/nor is also a poetic sensibility that refuses art’s messianic pretensions and the gaping maw of society, opting instead for what Morton Feldman once said was art’s right to be esoteric.

Marc Couroux
Marc Couroux
Marc Couroux has been acclaimed as one of the leading artists of his generation. His work has been centered around the reinvention and renewal of the audience-performer dialectic, challenging the received and seldom questioned notion of the performer’s physical presence within the sociopolitical confines of the public event.

systemTRACKS ->

John Mark Sherlock
John Mark Sherlock
Living in Toronto, John Mark Sherlock studied composition at the University of Western Ontario with Jack Behrens, Arsenio Giron and David Myska. His works have been played by many of CanadaÕs finest performers and ensembles including Arraymusic, the Burdocks, Critical Band, The Ergo Ensemble, Eve Egoyan, Linda Catlin Smith, the NUMUS Ensemble featuring the Penderecki String Quartet, Richard Sacks and Stephen Clarke.

eldritch Priest
eldritch Priest
Guitarist/composer/improviser eldritch Priest writes (about) musical nonsense. He recently completed a PhD at the Institute for Studies in Literature, Art and Culture at Carleton University, where he wrote on the aesthetics of failure in recent experimental composition. Priest composes impossibly long melodies, long poems, and writing a dissertation on the notion that music is a virus. His works have been performed by ensembles and soloists across North America and Europe.

neithernor expt ->

So, NU

So, NU is a trio of improvising composers connecting and creating free jazz, free improvisation and electroacoustic music in real time. The group uses a dazzling palette of sonic colors from Bruce Cassidy on trumpet and EVI (electronic valve instrument), Eugene Martynec on MIDIax (software using personally recorded, selected and edited acoustic instrument and synthesized samples), and Glen Hall on saxophone, flutes, WWII wind controller and Kyma, a graphical language for live, interactive sound generation and manipulation. Their knowledge of composition shapes improvisations’ structures, textures and thematic/conceptual development. The group’s name comes from a Yiddish expression that roughly translated means “What’s happening with you now?” Their music tells exactly those stories in Technicolor sonic detail.

So, Nu – Throb Chant ->



Andrew Timar (sulings, kacapi)
Bill Parsons (kacapi, travel guitar)

TIMAR PARSONS is a Toronto duo that performs with Indonesian kacapi (20-string zither), suling (bamboo ring flute), and Martin travel guitar. The duo incorporates elements of West Javanese tonal modes, tunings, forms and popular songs into their own compositions, arrangements and improvisations.

Both Andrew and Bill are long time members of Evergreen Club Contemporary Gamelan, Canada’s first ensemble dedicated to contemporary music performed on Indonsian instruments. Andrew Timar is recognised internationally as a leading suling soloist, as well as a gamelan performer and instructor, having taught gamelan music performance courses at York University, TDSB, and many other institutions. Bill Parsons’ guitar and kacapi playing is featured in his recent compositions for the NFB film, Courage (2011), and Evergreen Club’s CD, Grace (2011). TIMAR PARSONS recently performed at Gong! Gamelan Festival, Vancouver and at the Electric Eclectics Festival in Medford, ON.

Andrew Timar and Bill Parsons, Anjeun ->

Titanium Trio

Titanium Trio is a unique ensemble with its own distinctive and somewhat unusual stripped-down-to-the-bone sound: trumpet, fender bass, drums. The group plays bandleader/trumpeter Lina Allemano’s new original “avant-prog-jazz” music, blurring the line between composition and improvisation. Although the trio is a relatively new group, the members have an 18 year history of close musical collaborations in various creative projects such as “N”, Lina Allemano Four, Cluttertones, Drumheller, and others. Lina Allemano trumpet; Rob Clutton fender bass; Nick Fraser drums.www.linaallemano.com


Toronto Improvisers Orchestra

The Toronto Improvisors Orchestra was formed to explore improvised music played by a large group of musicians. It uses a simplified version of hand signals made popular by Butch Morris. These hand signals are used by many large improvising ensembles in Europe and North America. Computers, synthesizers, found and invented instruments, strings, brass, percussion, sound singers and vocalists have all found their way into performances. The size of the ensemble varies but there is a core group as a foundation. The Orchestra is open to and welcomes any skilled improvisor.

ArrayMusic ->

Tove Kardonne – Weft

“The Weft is an experiment conducted on Charlie Parker’s compositions, warping each from its bebop Jekyll into an odd time-signature Hyde. Having just completed a repertoire development residency, the trio and assorted guest improvisers have enjoyed breaking their heads against the re-imagined emphases and phrasing, pushing the genre to show different colours and and provoking it to new life.”
Tova Kardonne, voice, Nick Fraser, drums, Phill Albert, bass

Easy Living, Tova & Ross ->