2010 Gallery

416-2010 Performers Gallery


Alaniaris is a Toronto-based trio who play an aggressive mixture of Greek traditional songs and original compositions, delivered with an energetic and improvisational approach that borrows equally from rock, jazz, no wave, and surf music. Audiences get the point immediately when Alaniaris plays: the music feels spontaneous, powerful, and right. It’s as if the band is channelling the missing link between Albert Ayler and Dick Dale.

Long Slow March ->
Oli Rebetes ->



Crazy Angry Bored

Crazy Angry Bored, Skimmer 1 ->
Crazy Angry Bored, Skimmer 2 ->

Eugene Martynec/Nobuo Kubota

Falling Angels, Eugene Martynec ->
Short vocal piece, Nobuo Kubota ->

Free Boat Rentals

Boat Master ->
Improv 1 Master ->

Gayle Young & Reinhard Reitzenstein

Reinhard Reitzenstein and Gayle Young collaborate in sound and visual installations and performances, exploring the integration of auditory and visual. A series of three multi-media installations, with visuals by Retizenstein and music by Young, was presented on the 1981 LP “According.” Their performance with Jesse Stewart and Jacques Israelievitch, which took place within their site- specific long-string installation, Klang Bau, is documented on the Spool CD “Test Tubes.”

Frag 4 Combo, Reitzenstein and Young ->
Avalon Shorelines, Gayle Young ->
Ground 2, Gayle Young ->



Red Blue Green

Recovery ->


Rob Piilonen’s Collision

The Vine Track 7 ->

The Improvisors’ Pool

The Improvisors' Pool
facilitated by Rod Campbell
The Ralph Thornton Centre

090316 improv pool ->