2009 Program

Tuesday, Nov. 17

9 pm
Lori Freedman solo- bass clarinet
and duo with guest Martin T├ętreault

10 pm
Martin T├ętreault solo – turntable
and duo with guest Lori Freedman

11 pm
Gordon Allen – trumpet, with a bunch of locals
Rob Clutton – bass
Tomasz Krakowiak – percussion
Ben Grossman – hurdy gurdy

Wednesday, Nov. 18

9 pm
Woodchoppers Orchestra
Dave Clark and friends, you never know who will show up. A collective of some of the finest improvisers hereabouts.They play with love in their hearts.

10 pm
Cracker & Shoe
Michael Keith – various strings
David Sait – guzheng

11 pm
Joe Sorbara’s Other Foot First
Ken Aldcroft – guitar
Jay Hay – saxophones, clarinets
Nicole Rampersaud – trumpet, flugelhor)
Nate Renner – guitar
Ronda Rindone – clarinets
Evan Shaw – saxophones
Joe Sorbara – drums, percussion
Scott Thomson – trombone

Thursday, Nov. 19

9 pm
Dougal Bichan – guitar
Alan Bloor – bass, violin
Rod Campbell – trumpet, etc
Elliott Chapin – various winds
Jack Vorvis – percussion

10 pm
Quartetto Graphica
Mike Hansen – turntables
Arnd Jurgensen – guitar
Guy LeBlanc – electronics
Pao Torres – laptop

11 pm
Scarborough Streisand
Michael Keith – guitar
Chris Cawthray – percussion
Glen Hall – saxophone

Friday, Nov. 20

9 pm
Nick Storring – solo cello & electronics

10 pm
Amir Amiri – solo (Persian) santur

11 pm
Lamp Chops aka Simeon Abbott (prepared guitar) and Colin Fisher

Kyle Brenders Quartet
Kyle Brenders – woodwinds
Steve Ward – Trombone
Tomas Bouda – bass
Mark Seeger – drums

Saturday, Nov. 21

2 pm
416 Toronto Creative Improvisors’ Pool Workshop
facilitated by Rod Campbell
Palmerston Library
560 Palmerston Avenue

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