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416-2009 Performers Gallery

Amir Amiri

Amir SanturAmir was born in Tehran, Iran, where he studied the santur, a 72 string hammer dulcimer. He specialized in the Radiff system of Persian classical music His principle teachers included Meheran Ghalaee, Majeed Kyanee, and Parviz Meshkatiyan. He also studied Indian classical music (Ragas) with teachers Ravi Shankar. Since arriving in Canada, he has welcomed the opportunity to work with western classical musicians; Bob Becker, Edgar Meyer and David Takeno, and has also collaborated with Hugh Fraser, Darcy Phillip Gray, John Stetch. Amir has been commissioned by CBC radio and has composed works for santur and orchestra in collaboration with Andrea Young. He was awarded the 2003 CBC Artist of the Year, from the Galaxie Rising Stars Program and The Betty Mitchell Best Composition and Sound Design Award.



bitchin' at the Distillery Jazz Festival
2005 05 27 08.13:55

Cracker and Shoe

Cracker and Shoe

Gordon Allen

with Rob Clutton, Tomasz Krakowiak, Ben Grossman
Gordon Allen“I was born in Toronto in 1976 and after living in Yellowknife, Guelph, and Banff, moved to Montreal in 2005 where I have been ever since. I am busy: I run L’envers, a performance space dedicated to creative music, dance, film and visual arts, co-curate the weekly Mardi Spaghetti series at Le Cagibi, write for the Mirror, am a programmer at CKUT 90.3, and teach privately and through the Studio d’Improvisation de Montreal. In my spare time I run the Mr. E cdr label and enjoy playing the trumpet.

Tomasz KrakowiacFor this performance I will be joining Rob Clutton, Tomasz Krakowiak and Ben Grossman. While I have performed with all of them in the past, this will be the first time we play together as a quartet. I selected these musicians for their amazing capacity for manifesting beauty through sound and I look forward to discovering what we will do together and how this experience might transform us and you…”
Track 1
gma trio 1

Joe Sorbara’s Other Foot First

Absurd Machine 20091025

Lamp Chops

Lamp Chops
Lamp Chops Part II

Lori Freedman

On her battery of clarinets Lori Freedman is bridging the gap between written and improvised contemporary music. She performs  fiendish solos and chamber works from living composers’ “pens” influencing and being influenced by her own creative playing, improvisations with and without comrades. She writes a bit of music all the time and her written words have been published here and there. She can be found on close to 50 recordings and is about to launch her 10th feature album Bridge (10 solo pieces of her own and of other composers) on the Ambiances magnétiques label. Ms Freedman is very happy to be in Toronto performing for the 416 crowd both in solo and duo formation with her guest Martin Tétreault.

Bridge Three, 59th Street

Martin Tétreault

Martin Tétreault

Nick Storing

Live October 15th 2009 – Gallery 1313

Quartetto Graphica

Assembler, Peter Auld aka Pimmon

Scarborough Streisand

Michael Keith
My Song 7

Woodchoppers Association

Woodchoppers Association
1-10 Fanfare And Stomp For Lorna

The Improvisors’ Pool

The Improvisors' Pool
facilitated by Rod Campbell
The Ralph Thornton Centre

090316 improv pool