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Austrian experimental violinist Mia Zabelka playing two contrasting shows in TorontoYouTube_logo_stacked_white

Lydia Lunch says, “Mia Zabelka’s work is visceral, cerebral and sensual. A gorgeous, haunting sound which employs classical insterpretation and experimental improvisation to transcend musical genres, creating a sonic surround uniquely her own. She inhabits a sonic universe lush with sousoundcloudl cleansing vibrancy.”

Mia Zabelka is a sound artist, violinist and vocalist from Vienna, Austria, with Czech, Jewish and French background. Her music ranges from free improvisation and classical, through jazz, punk and heavy metal to abstract sound art. Her movement between genres is embodied in her sound and the physicality of her live performance. A charismatic and intense performer, who is fearless in pursuing her muse in the moment of real time creation, Zabelka is a riveting presence on stage.

In Toronto, she will be playing in two entirely different contexts. On Thursday, January 23 at 8 p.m., Mia will be playing an intimate solo concert at Musideum, 401 Richmond St. W. On Friday, January 24 at 10 p.m. at the Tranzac, 292 Brunswick St., she will be interacting with some of Toronto’s foremost improvisors: David Sait – guzheng; Nilan Perera – prepared guitar; Heather Segger – trombone; Bruce Cassidy – EVI (electronic valve instrument); John Kamevaar – electronic percussion; and Glen Hall – tenor saxophone, bass flute and Kyma X. The show will begin with Mia playing a series of freely improvised duets and will culminate with all the musicians playing together as a free form ensemble.

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416 Toronto Creative Improvisers Festival
November 6 to 9, 2013
10pm to 1 am
Tranzac Club
292 Brunswick Avenue
Admission $7


Special Improvisers Workshop
Saturday, November 9
2 to 4 pm
Palmerston Library
560 Palmerston Avenue
Presented by Glen Hall
Open to all

“I wake with all my chakras cleansed and balanced this morning. That in itself is quite the statement — non? Last night at the Tranzac I was healed by the sounds of the amazing. I felt my pain intensify and then I felt it release. I wake this morning grateful to have experienced last night at 416. Eagerly anticipating tonight and the two orchestras which will no doubt take me again to a higher level of soul existence. If you have not ever experienced 416 you may wish to head on down to the Tranzac tonight for 10. Come be awemazed.”

— 2012, 416 Festival participant

The 416 Toronto Creative Improvisers Festival is a yearly showcase for the vibrant Toronto improvised music scene.  The 416 area code’s finest improvising musicians, and sometimes visitors from farther afield, play in a wide variety of styles in 3 or 4 sets over each of the festival’s 4 nights.  Their improvisations take the form of completely free-form spontaneous compositions, created entirely “in the moment, at the moment of performance, by the performers”.  At other times, a drawing, graphic, object, original musical chart or just the audience ‘vibe’, are used to inspire the music.

The 416 is a celebration of music-making on a tightrope.

Samples from the 2012 Festival on Soundcloud.

 Preview of the 2014 Festival on Soundcloud.